Fmovies Download Movie The Meg

Genre — Sci-Fi;
tomatometers — 6,3 of 10;
country — China;
Jon Turteltaub;
duration — 113 m

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Jason Statham is great, it’s well paced, the cg is good and it has a lot of laughs, however it could have benefited a lot from being more bloody.


I think this movie is not for those who are searching for a strong storyline.
This movie is just about enjoying the action between jayson statham and a giant you’re really an action lover you might like the movie, but otherwise I don’t think that this movie is capable of attracting.
I don’t know what Jason is going to fight in his next movie. He has fought the police, army, mob, Chinese, Russians anything that you can think of and now they said, let’s make him fight a shark… Wait just a small shark or a hammer shark or a white shark or. Nope fuck it, it’s Jason Statham lets make him fight a megalodon. And with what? A sub or a boat? Nope knife and spear. And he wins easily at the end. So I’m now just really looking forward to his next revenge/fight/hero/bestinhisproffesion movie but I’m so in. Don’t know how they are going to beat a meg though.



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